June 6th 2021


Archive outgoing e-mails in EML Format

Starting with support package 05 it is possible to archive outgoing e-mails in EML format in the generic object services. This format can be opened in Outlook (and many other e-mail programs) and shows the complete e-mail with all its attachments. This means that the e-mail can also be forwarded from Outlook.

You can find the settings in the customizing for the xtMail Suite under Send Profiles -> Outlook Integration. These are advanced settings for the send parameters, so you should have previously maintained Send profiles per application and organizational unit.

In general, the EML generation is switched on by activating the GOS switch. A document type can optionally be given.

  • If you leave the Document type field empty, the EML file is stored as a normal attachment (comparable to services for objects -> Create -> Create attachment)
  • If you maintain a document type that was previously customized in transactions OAC2 / OAC3, the EML file is stored as a Business Document (comparable to services for the object -> Create -> Store business document)

If you want to use a document type, you may have to make the file type EML known in transaction OAD2. In this case, use the MIME type message/rfc822.