September 14th 2021


Changelog xtMail Suite 500 Support Package 06


  • New: A completly new determination analysis is introduced now which is available for the new user interface (Details)
  • New: It is now possible to set the mailpriority when changing an email to High/Medium/Low) (Details)
  • New: When viewing an e-mail which was already sent and if this document has an archived main document (e.g. the purchase order PDF document), double-cklicking the main attachment will display it now.
  • Bug Fix: When calling the dialog multiple times while changing date of the document wrong data was displayed in some cases. When sending the e-mail the data was always correct. This is fixed now. (Details)
  • Bug Fix: The BCC text in the recipients dialog was cut-off in logon language EN. (Details)
  • Improved messages when trying to delete an attachment from the attachment list.


  • Bug Fix: With support package 05 a bug was introduced which is fixed again now. The Sender of an email was not the expected email address and/or you have set the xtMail Suite sender as the recipient, but this recipient address cannot be found. (500-05-#001)
  • Bug Fix: You are using xtMail Suite BAdI NG method SET_RECIPIENTS_NG with sender profile and new GUI, but the recipient(s) changed via BAdI are not displayed in xtMail Suite dialog. If the e-Mail is send the recipient(s) changed via BAdI are correct . With this fix the changed recipient are also displayed correctly now (500-05-#002)
  • When sending profiles with new UI are active, less old (unnecessary) coding will be performed now. This improves performance and stability of xtMail Suite.
  • The old Parameter NGFIRST which was only used by a few customers is now obsolete. When using the new UI the function is turned on always now. Basically it just says that sending profiles have to be maintained to use xtMail Suite - otherwise the mail is not send with xtMail Suite. With this the behaviour is more predictable and always linked to existing customizing.
  • Better error handling in case that attachments stored on a external archive system are unreachable.
  • If the sender is the purchasing group, a reverse search is carried out using the e-mail address in order to determine an associated user. The user is required to enrich the signature. With this change locked users are no longer taken into account in this search.
  • Structures for text symbol replacement in V1, V2, V3 and V7 are filled more reliable now.
  • More preparations for a new translation of xtMail Suite. (Details)
  • Some additional small bug fixes and improvements.