December 13th 2021


Changelog xtMail Suite 500 Support Package 07


  • New: Display archived EML-File from sending log without using GOS (Details)

  • New: Function to forward/repeat an e-mail in Outlook (Details)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a short dump (ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY) that could rarely occur when calling the xtMail Suite dialog from sales orders.


  • New: Support for output type KONS in module MR (document header BKPF instead of RBKP)

  • New: Support for medium 7 output types is available in all modules now.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a problem when adding GOS attachments from old BADI

  • Report /CONLUTIO/MSDUNNINGDOC is checking standard authorizations F_MAHN_BUK, F_MAHN_KOA, V_VBRK_VKO and V_VBRK_FKA now, before reading dunning documents and outgoing invoices.

  • General stability and performance improvements