May 6th 2022


xtMail Suite 500 Support Package 08

The support package 08 for xtMail Suite Version 500 is available now. These are the changes in this release:

New Features:

  • Attachments from the "Direct upload" function can now also be stored using a document type. This way attachments are visible in the Generic Object Services after upload, and they can be stored in an external archive server instead of table /conlutio/msattu. A migration report to move old attachments from this table to the archive is coming soon.

  • Direct upload function can now be limited to specified file types (

  • xtMail Suite can now be used for new FI BTEs:

    2310 Correspondence / Periodic Account Statement

    2410 Customer Balance Confirmation

  • Additional Reply-To Address can be set now (

  • Enduser languages are fully re-translated for the following languages: German (DE), Englisch (EN), French (FR), Italian (IT), Spanish (ES), Simplified Chinese (ZH), Slovakian (SK)

  • Signatures with text-symbols to replace user information, is now working when sender-address is set from BADI method

  • Improvements in handling legacy data after switching from old customizing to sending profiles.


  • Fixed a bug causing corrupted files in some rare situations (

  • Fixed an issue when double clicking in attachment list opened the wrong attachment

  • Fixed a problem when trying to maintain mail data while creating a new document in SD (error "No parameter found for organization unit !")

  • Fixed a short dump when a print program tried to send an email for the same NAST record more the once (e.g. output type with "Copies" Parameter > 1).

  • Fixed a problem when calling the print preview in MM documents, which could cause a short dump.

  • If only one recipient exists, the email address of the recipient is displayed directly in the sending log again.