November 14th 2022


xtMail Suite 500 Support Package 09

The support package 09 for xtMail Suite Version 500 is available now. While it mostly contains bug fixes, there are also a few new features

New Features:

  • New recipient type (G) for a fixed e-mail address

  • New recipient type E (accouting clerk)

  • New attachment type P for archived original files (created by print and archive)

Improved Features:

  • New parameter KOMPBV3 (item data) for /CONLUTIO/IF_XTMS_BADI_NG method KOMKBV3_FILL

  • Recipient type N (NAST) supports personal numbers (e.g. ZM) now

  • Support for access sequences with constants in dummy output types

  • Support for new S/4HANA 2020 data model for storing GOS Attachments, when determining file extensions with more than 4 characters


  • Correction for the switch to xtMail Suite in V7 print programs (method S4_SWITCH_PDF)

  • Recipient type N (NAST) found too much recipients, if no default-address was maintained in partner

  • Signature for sender type F (accounting clerk) was filled with wrong data

  • Empty filename for attachments type O (GOS) in rare situations (if TOAAT-FILENAME is empty)

  • Contact persons with no partner function were not found (new bug from 500-08)

  • CC flag in dummy output type condition recipients was not reseted for further addresses

  • Access sequences in dummy output type with non-character fields could cause a dump

  • Purchasing cockpit: Navigation to contracts and scheduling agreements are working now

  • Purchasing cockpit: When maintaining e-mail data, partners were determined incompletely

  • When using print preview in ME21N, a dump could occur in NG_CHECK_RECIPIENTS_EXIST

  • When using the new direct upload to archive (function from 500-08) in Create-Transactions, a dump could occur

Please write a mail to if you want access to the new support package.