December 5th 2022


xtMail Suite 500 Support Package 10

The support package 10 for xtMail Suite Version 500 is available now.


  • Full support for BOM explosions to find attachments (MM only)

  • Success message in output type log, if mail was processed by xtMail Suite

  • UI recipients list - new columns for contact person function and department

  • New Parameter KOMPBV1 (item data) for /CONLUTIO/IF_XTMS_BADI_NG method KOMKBV1_FILL

  • New Parameter KOMPBV2 (item data) for /CONLUTIO/IF_XTMS_BADI_NG method KOMKBV2_FILL

  • New Parameter KOMPBEA (item data) for /CONLUTIO/IF_XTMS_BADI_NG method KOMKBEA_FILL

  • New Checkpoint group to analyse attachment determination (Transaction SAAB)


  • Performance for V3 cockpit improved

  • Jumping to documents from purchasing cockpit always in "change"-mode now


  • Module QM - Workpapers were not determined correctly sometimes

  • Module QM - communication language determination improved

  • Module MM - Maintaining maildata in ME31L and ME31K is now possible without opening output types before

  • Module FI - 2410 Balance Confirmation extended for Vendor / Language from KNA1/LFA1


  • Internal changes and improvements for a future release