Process responses received by email

Many e-mails are sent to business partners from SAP via the xtMail Suite. Answers to this end up in the sender's normal e-mail inbox and cannot be seen in SAP.


  • In the customizing of the xtMail Suite it should be possible to set a Reply-To address. An email address that is processed by SAP is specified here.
  • Alternatively, an employee can simply forward a received email to an email address in SAP.
  • Outgoing e-mails must automatically have a unique ID, for example at the end of the e-mail or in the subject

If a recipient replies to an e-mail, the reply can be processed automatically. The unique ID is used to identify the outgoing document to which the response belongs and the received e-mail can be automatically stored there in the services for the object. However, there should be a report in SAP in order to be able to monitor and read all incoming e-mails with various selection options and authorization checks.

In a second step, semi-automatic processing would also be desirable. In this, incoming answers are first collected and a user can decide what should happen with them. Some delivered or freely definable actions would also be important here.

Example for "Actions":

- Discard the email

- Archive the e-mail on the outgoing document

- (MM) Maintain an order confirmation and archive the e-mail afterwards

- (SD) Create sales order for an quoation and store the e-mail on both documents.

- ...

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